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MyBrush GmbH – technical, medical and household brushes

Technical and medical brushes from production line to customer.
Are you looking for the right brush for your application? Find the right product from our comprehensive online range.

High-quality special brushes are our specialty!

As an affiliated company of Europe’s largest manufacturer of twisted brushes, we draw on long-term experience. All articels are manufactured exclusively in Germany and in production process (individual or serial production) there are no compromises in terms of quality of raw materials.

Through short distance from production line to our warehouse ensure that all items for household and hygiene purposes are stored in separate closed containers under hygienic conditions. Before they are finally sent to the end customer, all articles also undergo an extended visual inspection.
In our final visual control all parts are verified before dispatch. Browse through our product range and be inspired!

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We are one of the few manufacturers of medical brushes that can offer you a brush with a CE mark. We are one of the few manufacturers of medical brushes that can offer you a brush with a CE mark. As part of the CE marking, a risk analysis and a risk assessment as well as further tests and information on manufacture and use are carried out.

We would be happy to advise you individually on your product and the performance you require.

Declaration of Conformity

“The letters CE stand for“ Conformité Européenne ”, which means“ European conformity ”. The CE mark symbolizes the conformity of the product with the applicable requirements that the European Community places on the manufacturer. By attaching the CE mark, the person responsible declares that the product complies with all applicable EU regulations and that a corresponding conformity assessment procedure has been carried out. “ Source: BfGA

Technical brushes | Tecsp! N®

Technical brushes | Tecsp! N®

TECsp! N® stands for high-quality technical brushes. These include boiler brushes, gun brushes, boiler brushes, borehole brushes, deburring brushes and much more. You receive finished products of the brand "TECsp! N®"
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Useful household brushes | Solenda®

Useful household brushes | Solenda®

Solenda® stands for brushes in the household and hygiene sector. These include B. eyebrow brushes, milk hose cleaning brushes or piping brushes. You receive finished products from the Solenda® brand
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High quality medical brushes | Ondosan®

High quality medical brushes | Ondosan®

OndoSAN® stands for medical products that can be manufactured as medical products including CE according to the medical standard DIN EN ISO 13485. Product inquiries are handled individually in our group of companies. We are happy to forward this internally if necessary!
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We are certified according to DIN ISO EN 9001

As sales company of Europe’s largest manufacturer of twisted wire brushes, we see it as our task to select our suppliers based on quality, reliability, delivery readiness, flexibility and other criteria.

In order to express our own standards of quality and customer-oriented behavior, we have been certified by TÜV Süd according to DIN ISO 9001: 2015.

We have a competent quality management system, batch tracing, customer and supplier analyzes and strive to continuously improve our quality standards and customer satisfaction.

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