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Endoscope cleaning brushes

In the area of ​​endoscope cleaning brushes, we can provide you with all twisted brushes for medical use in diameters from 0.4 mm to a total diameter of 250 mm (25 cm). We carry and manufacture brushes for cleaning test tubes, Petri dishes, tubes or teeth and much more. We also have the option of custom-made products. For this we need your details by email or fax. You can find the contact details in the Contact tab.

In cooperation with the largest brush manufacturer in Europe, we have developed a patentthat allows us to manufacture endoscope cleaning brushes with a diameter of 0.4 mm and an unlimited length.

With the previous process, we were able to offer you endoscope brushes with a diameter of up to 0.7 mm (unlimited length) or 0.5 mm (maximum length 40 mm).

It is now possible for us to offer you a cleaning option for your flexible catheter in a medical endoscope, the working channel of which has an internal diameter of <0.7 mm and an unlimited total length.

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